Orientation Week 2015-2016

Wednesday July 1 MGH


Meet at MGH Founders 6 for walk to CRP


MGH Orientation, Simches Building, 185 Charles River Plaza, 3rd floor


MGH DOM Subspecialty Fellows Welcome - Potts Conference Room Bigelow 856

Thursday July 2 DFCI - Yawkey 306


Communication Toolbox - Joanne Wolfe


Psychological Defense Mechanisms - Fremonta Meyer
Involuntary coping mechanisms: a psychodynamic perspective. Dialogues Clin Neurosci 13:366-70 (2011). PDF PubMed
An empirically validated hierarchy of defense mechanisms. Arch. Gen. Psychiatry 43:786-94 (1986). PDF PubMed


Lunch Break


A Bridge to the Pediatric Bedside - Rick Goldstein
Pediatric palliative care. N. Engl. J. Med. 350:1752-62 (2004). PDF PubMed
The Aquarium


DFCI Provider Training - Smith 646 (Adult MD Fellows Only)

Friday July 3 Holiday (observed)

Monday July 6 DFCI


Welcome Breakfast and Orientation

Tuesday July 7 MGH Knight Simulation Center 275 Cambridge St Room 444
9:00a-1:00p-OSCE Training


Pedi Fellows


DFCI MD/NP Fellows


MGH MD/NP Fellows

Wednesday July 8 MGH


Welcome Breakfast

Founders 610


MGH Service Orientation

Founders 610


Outpatient Orientation – Simone Rinaldi

Founders 610


DFCI Orientation - Jane deLima Thomas

Founders 610


Lunch Break


PC Overview/Palliative Care Consultations/Care of Dying – what makes this work different?

Founders 610


Welcome Dinner

MGH Healing Garden - Yawkey Building 8th Floor(Burr Proton Elevators to Yawkey 8)

Thursday July 9 DFCI
Epic Training

Friday July 10 DFCI
Epic Training

Summer Lecture Series 2015-2016

Wednesday July 15, 2015 DFCI/Yawkey 306


Pain Assessment and Inferred Pathophysiology - Janet Abrahm/Bridget Fowler Scullion
Managing an acute pain crisis in a patient with advanced cancer: "this is as much of a crisis as a code". JAMA 299:1457-67 (2008). PDF PubMed
Treatment of cancer pain. Lancet 377:2236-47 (2011). PDF PubMed


Opioid Prescribing: Selection of Opioids and Management of Side Effects Janetn Abrahm/Bridget Fowler Scullion


Management of a Pain Crisis and Opioid Overdose-Janet Abrahm/Bridget Fowler Scullion


Introduction to Professional Development Group (MD and IDT fellows only) - Karen Fasciano/David Doolittle

Wednesday July 22, 2015 DFCI/Yawkey 306


Palliative Radiation - Tracy Balboni/Dan Gorman


Prognosis - Rachelle Bernacki
Development of a prognostic model for six-month mortality in older adults with declining health. J Pain Symptom Manage 43:527-39 (2012). PDF PubMed
Cancer screening in elderly patients: a framework for individualized decision making. JAMA 285:2750-6 (2001). PDF PubMed
Prognostic indices for older adults: a systematic review. JAMA 307:182-92 (2012). PDF PubMed
Using Prognosis to Guide Decisions


Delirium - Mary Buss
Agitation and delirium at the end of life: "We couldn't manage him". JAMA 300:2898-910, E1 (2008). PDF PubMed
Diagnosis and management of delirium near the end of life. Ann. Intern. Med. 135:32-40 (2001). PDF PubMed


Fatigue - Christy Ullrich
Cancer-related fatigue: definitions and clinical subtypes. J Natl Compr Canc Netw 8:958-66 (2010). PDF PubMed
Assessment and management of cancer-related fatigue in adults. Lancet 362:640-50 (2003). PDF PubMed

Wednesday July 29, 2015 MGH/Simches 3130


Syndrome of Imminent Death - Vicki Jackson
Palliative care in the final days of life: "they were expecting it at any time". JAMA 293:2265-71 (2005). PDF PubMed


Anxiety/Depression - Guy Maytal
Psychological issues in end-of-life care. J Palliat Med 9:751-72 (2006). PDF PubMed

Wednesday August 5, 2015 DFCI/Yawkey 306


Nausea and Vomiting - Lida Nabati
Management of intractable nausea and vomiting in patients at the end of life: "I was feeling nauseous all of the time . . . nothing was working". JAMA 299:1826 (2008). PDF PubMed


Feeding Problems in Advanced Dementia - Susan Mitchell
A 93-year-old man with advanced dementia and eating problems. JAMA 298:2527-36 (2007). PDF PubMed


Methadone - Bridget Scullion
The role of methadone in cancer pain treatment--a review. Int. J. Clin. Pract. 63:1095-109 (2009). PDF PubMed
Methadone safety: a clinical practice guideline from the American Pain Society and College on Problems of Drug Dependence, in collaboration with the Heart Rhythm Society. J Pain 15:321-37 (2014). PDF PubMed|


Decoding Code Status Discussion - Eva Chittenden
Time to revise the approach to determining cardiopulmonary resuscitation status. JAMA 307:917-8 (2012). PDF PubMed

Wednesday August 12, 2015 MGH/Yawkey 2210


Oncology Pearls - Jenn Shin


Dyspnea - Kathleen Doyle
Pharmacological management of dyspnoea. Curr Opin Support Palliat Care 1:96-101 (2007). PDF PubMed
Management of dyspnea in patients with far-advanced lung disease. JAMA 287:2261 (2002). PDF PubMed


Intro to Chaplaincy – Chaplaincy Team
Improving the spiritual dimension of whole person care: reaching national and international consensus. J Palliat Med 17:642-56 (2014). PDF PubMed

Wednesday August 19, 2015 DFCI/Yawkey 306


Medical Marijuana - Ilana Braun


Introduction to Bereavement - Sue Morris
Evidence-Based Practices for Parentally Bereaved Children and Their Families. Prof Psychol Res Pr 39:113-121 (2008). PDF PubMed
Perspectives on care at the close of life. Caring for bereaved patients: "all the doctors just suddenly go". JAMA 286:1369-76 (2001). PDF PubMed
Depression among surviving caregivers: does length of hospice enrollment matter? Am J Psychiatry 161:2257-62 (2004). PDF PubMed
Place of death: correlations with quality of life of patients with cancer and predictors of bereaved caregivers' mental health. J. Clin. Oncol. 28:4457-64 (2010). PDF PubMed
An empirical examination of the stage theory of grief. JAMA 297:716-23 (2007). PDF PubMed
Grief and mourning gone awry: pathway and course of complicated grief. Dialogues Clin Neurosci 14:119-28 (2012). PDF PubMed


Professional Development Group continued (MD and IDT fellows only) - David Doolittle/Karen Fasciano

Wednesday August 26, 2015 DFCI/Yawkey 306


Constipation and Bowel Obstruction - Andrea Enzinger
Consensus recommendations for the management of constipation in patients with advanced, progressive illness. J Pain Symptom Manage 40:761-73 (2010). PDF PubMed
Constipation and Malignant Bowel Obstruction


Family Systems - Amanda Moment/Lauren Schairer/Nick Purol


Hospice Pearls and Palliative Care in LTC - Larissa Lucas/Tamara Vesel

Wednesday September 2, 2015 MGH/Simches 3130


Palliative care emergencies in oncology patients - Leah Rosenberg and Ali Rhodes


How to Run a Family Meeting – Erica Wilson/Todd Rinehart
Practical guidance for evidence-based ICU family conferences. Chest 134:835-43 (2008). PDF PubMed
Working with families in palliative care: one size does not fit all. J Palliat Med 9:704-15 (2006). PDF PubMed
Discussing treatment preferences with patients who want "everything". Ann. Intern. Med. 151:345-9 (2009). PDF PubMed


Supportive Cardiology - Kristen Schaefer/Todd Hultman
Self-care and quality of life among patients with heart failure. J Am Acad Nurse Pract 22:480-7 (2010). PDF PubMed
Comprehensive care for mechanical circulatory support: a new frontier for synergy with palliative care. Circ Heart Fail 4:519-27 (2011). PDF PubMed
Titrating guidance: a model to guide physicians in assisting patients and family members who are facing complex decisions. Arch. Intern. Med. 168:1733-9 (2008). PDF PubMed
Palliative care in congestive heart failure. J. Am. Coll. Cardiol. 54:386-96 (2009). PDF PubMed

Wednesday September 9, 2015 MGH/Simches 3110


Grand Rounds – MGH Ether Dome (Bulfinch Bldg, 4th Floor)


Optimum Use of Life Sustaining Treatment and Cultural Difference and Palliative Care - Erik Krakauer
Time to revise the approach to determining cardiopulmonary resuscitation status. JAMA 307:917-8 (2012). PDF PubMed
On patient autonomy and physician responsibility in end-of-life care. Arch. Intern. Med. 171:849-53 (2011). PDF PubMed

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