Pediatric psycho-oncology


Fellows will

  1. Gain exposure to psychological and psychiatric issues for children and families in pediatric oncology.
  2. Identify coping skills that patients and families use during the natural trajectory of diagnosis, illness, and treatment.
  3. Learn pharmacological and non-pharmacological modalities of treatment for depression, anxiety, and other psychological symptoms.
  4. Understand normal child development, understanding of illness in childhood, and issues of bereavement for parents and siblings.
  5. Reflect on the personal and professional impact of providing care for children and families, and identify personal strengths and weaknesses.


Rotation details

Duration: 2 weeks
Report to Dr. Muriel on Monday morning at 9 AM (Dana 1-21), clinical day is usually 9 to 5PM, no overnight calls.
Supervising clinician: Dr. Anna (Nina) Muriel (Chief, Division of Pediatric Psychosocial Oncology at Dana Farber Cancer Institute)
Pager: 49177 DFCI
Office: Dana 1-21

Additional clinical exposure will include psychosocial team meetings and experiences with members of the Division of Pediatric Psychosocial Oncology at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Rotators will also be exposed to the Children’s Hospital Psychiatry consult team members.

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