Bereavement Training for the Fellows


1. To present an overview of the nature of grief from a psychological perspective.
2. To describe the risk factors for a poor bereavement outcome and criteria for prolonged grief disorder.
3. To outline practical techniques that can be used when working with the bereaved.
4. To follow and support families going through the bereavement process.



1. Didactics will include four 1-hour seminars which will review pertinent literature and incorporate experiential exercises.
2. Social work mentorship will be provided to fellows who will follow and offer support to families through the bereavement process.
3. Opportunity to observe a bereavement support group or grief seminar.
4. Reflection Presentation - reflections about interacting with the bereaved.

Seminar curriculum

Session 1: The nature of grief

Session 2: Condolence guidelines and strategies to help the bereaved

Session 3: Risk factors for poor bereavement outcomes

Session 4: Reflections about interacting with the bereaved

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